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By logging on to this site, you (the "Receiving Party") agrees to the following conditions regarding the nondisclosure of the information (the "Confidential Information") provided through this website . With Transaction is meant an investment in the company for which the Confidential Information is provided.

  • Receiving Party shall keep all Confidential Information confidential and shall not disclose (wholly or partly) Confidential Information to any third party and only use it in the context of the assessment of the Transaction. Making reproductions in any form whatsoever, is prohibited without prior written consent;
  • Nondisclosure also applies to the mere existence of a possible Transaction, the timing thereof and the names of the parties involved;
  • Nondisclosure applies equally to persons working for or employed by or otherwise affiliated with the Receiving Party and (legal) entitities for whom the Receiving Party has obtained the Confidential Information, without prior written consent;
  • The Receiving Party shall maintain a constant and optimal care to keep Confidential Information secret and preserve all written, digital and electronic documents and data carriers covered by the duty of confidentiality. At first request the relevant documents and data carriers will be returned immediately or be destroyed. This obligation shall also apply to any and all copies, reproductions, electronic files, notes, certificates, memoranda, reports and the like, which are made or obtained in the context of the Transaction;
  • Nondisclosure does not extend to information that is generally known or which should be disclosed on the basis of any statutory or legal obligation. Nondisclosure does also not extend to that Confidential Information which has become public other than by non-compliance with this Agreement by the undersigned or the company he/she represents;
  • This nondisclosure agreement is governed by Dutch law..


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